Easy Grow: Peas

Peas are a cold season crop which are ideal for the Vermont climate. They do best in temperatures under 70 degrees and can be grown early in the season.

Starting: Peas can be started outdoors as early as 4 weeks before the average last frost.

Sunlight: Peas require some full sun, but do best in cooler temperatures. Try to keep them away from particularly warm areas.

Water: Peas only need to be watered sparsely. Don’t give them too much water or pods won’t form.

Spacing: 10-12 inches of spacing

Misc. Tips: Peas are legumes and fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available to nearby plants. Peas make great companions to any other plants in a garden for this reason. Peas can survive being under a blanket of snow, but cannot tolerate temperatures in the teens for more than a few days. Peas also do not need to be fertilized ever and have fragile roots that should not be disturbed by turning over nearby soil.


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