Easy Grow: Onions

Onions are a characteristically strong-flavored bulb that can be grown quickly in a garden. They make excellent companion plants, as they ward off many pests that afflict other fruits and vegetables, and they make an excellent addition to meals that need a pinch of flavor.

Starting: Onions can be started indoors before the average last frost, or sewn outside in early summer.

Sunlight: Onions have basic sunlight requirements. They don’t need any more or less sun than the average plant.

Water: The best way to water onions is to dig a trench in close proximity to them, in order to get water to the onion’s roots without watering the surface of the soil, which encourages weed growth.

Spacing: Onions can be spaced fairly close together, within 10 inches of each other.

Misc Tips: Onions do not have much trouble with disease or pests but cannot compete with weeds. Make sure to keep weeds out of your garden if you’re growing onions.


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